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Google generally tries to

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He or she then clicks on another search result. clicks. A certain number is ok, but if there are too many, then the website will probably not meet the users’ expectations. Title myths There are some myths that aren’t really true. Others do – what’s right then? Questions help in the title: This is usually not true. My experience is that questions usually get you worse rankings, unless the keyword is a question. Then of course it helps. Numbers help: Yes, numbers Google generally tries can certainly help. Instead of saying “The best tips for XY” it would be better to write “The 78 best tips for XY”.


This depends heavily on the


Normally this increases the Google generally tries click rate. Call-to-actions help in the title:   keyword. Sometimes CTAs like “buy now” or “order here” can help. However, we Kuwait WhatsApp Number List have also often experienced cases in which a CTA led to a significant deterioration. Experience has shown that a slightly more creative CTA than “buy now” is more likely to help. Emojis help with CTR: You can try out colored emojis or special characters that should stand out.

You should also include

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But they are not the “miracle Google generally tries weapon” that they Brazil Telegram Number are always sold as. Basically, my experience is that they tend to have no effect or a negative effect on the ranking.   “secondary keywords” in the title: Personally, I’m not a fan of “secondary keywords”, i.e. a second keyword that you should rank for. Sometimes it’s good that you can write a second keyword in the title – but I wouldn’t add a “secondary keyword” as a matter of principle. This seems very spammy very quickly – and it shouldn’t. What do I write in the description.

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