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As long as your site passes the Core Web Vitals check overall and loads quickly, there is no need for action. In most cases, JavaScript is the culprit. Cookie management platforms where you can configure many different settings usually contain more JavaScript Get expert advice components.   to be loaded and executed and the more resources the process requires, the more likely the performance will slip into the yellow area. A word about cookies that require consent: You should only load these scripts once the user has given your consent; this also has a positive effect on page performance.

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Since the cookie consent script is very high in the Get expert advice loading order, it blocks the page from rendering.  This blocking affects the First Russia Phone Number Data Contentful Paint (FCP) . The FCP describes the point at which the user actually sees any element of the page. If this period of time is too long, the Largest Contentful Paint will also shift backwards.

Optimization recommendations

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That’s why you should load the scripts asynchronously Get expert advice to minimize the effect. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and depends on the respective tool Russia Phone Number List provider.   for Javascript in the Lighthouse Report In the Lighthouse recommendations you can see which processes are blocking rendering – in this example also the cookie consent banner. What does asynchronous loading mean? Without the asynch attribute, the browser reads and interprets a page’s code line by line from top to bottom.

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