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You then check this regularly to see whether this is the case. We already have an older article here, but it is still relevant: How to create a keyword map .  audit if you have built links in the past and now suspect that these legacy issues are blowing up in your face. You For large URLs will definitely need it if you have received a so-called “manual action” from Google. This is the blue letter of the SEO scene. If you don’t do or haven’t done any link building, then this isn’t actually relevant to you.


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You can find out more here in the article For large URLs on the South Africa WhatsApp Number List topic: Devaluing links – step by step through the link audit . Create a sitemap Sitemaps are the favorite beginner topic of SEO newbies. As a rule, they are not important at all. If you only have a few hundred URLs or even fewer, then you don’t need a sitemap at all. Googlebot finds your content faster with a sitemap, but it usually works without it.


Normally your content management

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You don’t have any ranking advantages For large URLs through a Italy Email List sitemap.  system offers the function of a sitemap, then you can also use the function. Sitemaps are very important if you Run a news website: In this case, you need a special news sitemap in order to perform well on Google News. When it comes to news, it’s often important to be the first – and here sometimes even minutes are crucial. You have a very large website or your content is constantly changing. In this case, a sitemap helps Googlebot to index new content more quickly and to record changed URLs etc.

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