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Example A Pinterest board

Even if you don’t reach the top 3 positions with the short-tail keyword due to strong competition, your landing page will be more successful than before. Small Example A Pinterest calculation example: Before: You rank 8th with the short-tail keyword, but you only have 2 secondary keywords, both ranking 7th. After your optimization: The ranking of the main keyword does not change – but you rank in second to fourth place with another 20 long-tail combinations. only generates 50 clicks per month, you will still end up with 1,000 more clicks.


If your short-tail keyword increases


Don’t forget this wonderful advantage:  in ranking Example A Pinterest AND you have optimized for long-tail terms, you can look forward to even more traffic and a higher conversion rate. Specific content predominates in the SERPs If specific content dominates the SERPs for Kuwait WhatsApp Number Data your long-tail keyword, it is worth having your own landing page. Here, too, you should check the top 10 results and incorporate your findings into the planning. Don’t forget:   better than your competitors! SERPs for specific long-tail keyword Excerpt from the SERPs: Specific landing pages rank primarily for the long-tail keyword “watercolor painting animals”.


You can always do something

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Check whether Your long-tail keyword(s) Example A Pinterest and the short-tail keywords your competitors are ranking for have the same search intent. The SERP Overlap Brazil Email List Tool is very useful for comparison . ranks in position 1 for “watercolor painting animals”: ​​You should also research the search intent for the other search terms: Rankings for a long-tail keyword according to Sistrix Before you create a new landing page: Be sure to check whether you already have content that fulfills the same search intent.

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