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Error in Hreflang Tag

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If errors appear in this extension, we recommend checking the affected URL more closely using Google’s rich search results test . Ultimately, more information – especially about warnings and errors – is displayed here. 6. Hreflang Tag Checker Hreflang tags help Google understand the different language versions of websites and thus provide users in Error in Hreflang certain countries with the correct language and country version when they search. In her post, Luisa explains how to use hreflang tags correctly . The Chrome Extension Hreflnag .


Austria searches for

Tag Checker can help you check the correct integration Norway WhatsApp Number List of these without much effort.   somethin erything is fine.  The following example is an international website. There are four hreflang tags in the source code that refer to the top-level domains .ae for the United Arab .

These are all displayed

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Emirates (here the official language is Arabic) .se Nigeria Telegram Number for Sweden (here the official language is Swedish) .rs for the South American country Error in Hreflang Suriname (here the official language is Dutch) .net for the English language in general refer.   (so far, so good): Checker The problem here is that the two lower country codes according to ISO 639-1 format and ISO 3166-1 Alpha 2 format are not correct. After all, there are no countries with the abbreviation “Latn” or “001”. My recommendation is to use the hreflang tags testing tool from for more detailed analysis.

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