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Employer branding Even outside

Long story short: What follows are tips on how to Employer branding Even make job offers more attractive. However, even greater leverage lies in the attractive overall package. Put information about you as an employer on the website! Most companies publish their job advertisements not only on job portals, but also on their own website. But more than a list of positions and the exact wording of the job advertisement is usually not available. This is exactly the opportunity for you to position your company well outside of Stepstone & Co.

Flexible working hours

Most applicants look at your website after the Employer branding Even job advertisement and want more information about you as an employer! What information for USA WhatsApp Number Data applicants should you provide on your website? Who we are: What is your company history, who are you?  Employee benefits: Are there canteen meals? Flexible working hours? How exactly does this work.


What makes us different

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How often is home office possible? Application process: what does it look like? What levels are there? When can I expect an Employer branding Even answer? Who do we want? What type of employee are you looking for? Are you more Deutsche Bahn or McKinsey?  ? As an Iran Telegram Number employer, not as a company. Why should I work for you? The more and the more detailed information you provide on your website, the more applicants you will get. From the applicant’s perspective, it is extremely frustrating to look for information from other sources (employer reviews, etc.) and unfortunately the information is often not true or is out of date.

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