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Do you offer recipes

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Be careful when changing URL structures!   you is: leave the URLs alone if possible. But if you have a new domain, there is of course still a lot you can do – here I have an article on the topic 9 things you need to know about URLs and SEO for you. 18,000 subscribers can’t be wrong You don’t want to miss any of our posts and stay up to date? Subscribe to our newsletter now and receive every new Seocracy article by email directly to your inbox! Subscribe now H1 headings Another thing that SEO newbies find terribly important, but ultimately isn’t.


H1 is followed by either

A good heading structure is an advantage and Taiwan WhatsApp Number List you should ensure that an   another H1 or an H2 and not an H3 or Do you offer H4. Headings, like chapters, should be structured logically. Either a new heading comes (in the same order as before H2->H2) or there is a sub-heading (one more number –> H2->H3). It makes sense if you work correctly here. However, you shouldn’t spend all your energy on this because Google can really handle a lot of variations.


Therefore, my advice to

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Even if you don’t use headings at all, you Do you offer can still Poland Email List rank really well. By the way, here is Google’s official answer to the topic in a short video. YouTube By loading the video, you accept YouTube’s privacy policy. Learn more Load video Always unblock YouTube Structured data Structured data are markups in the source code that you can make to tell Google This list is concert dates this is a cooking recipe this is an FAQ and much more Some structured data is displayed in Google search, others not (yet). You can find an overview of the options on this official Google page .

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