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Click rate An indirect

The aim here is to determine:   your competitors rank for which pages and how do they achieve this? (Reading tips: competitor analysis & keyword gap analysis ) Which keywords are actually worth it? Which keywords should be covered on which pages? How do you optimize existing SEO landing pages? Which pages have priority (keyword: threshold keyword optimization, search volume and competition)? The main product image must contain the product on a white background. Make sure that your main product image does not contain any text, logos, watermarks or anything similar.


For which keywords do

Each image must be at least 1000×1000 pixels in size and should be meaningful. Amazon’s zoom function works with the size. You can find the Bahamas WhatsApp Number List exact image guidelines for your product category in the product page style guide for your category. Practical tip: Work with distractors or banners in your other product images. A quality seal like “Made in Germany” inspires trust and helps your customers make their purchasing decision.


In addition to the direct ranking

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Amazon packages are delivered Items on Amazon are Italy Phone Number List ordered quickly. Direct ranking factors have a major influence on the purchase decision, especially for products that represent a small investment. Indirect Amazon ranking factors   factors, there are the indirect ones. Below I will explain the most important factors and how you can optimize them. factor that influences your Amazon ranking is the click rate. Products that appear in the SERPs and have a higher click-through rate are awarded a better ranking by Amazon. Here you can put yourself in the customers’ shoes again: Does your product, including the product title, answer the customers’ search queries? Then your click rate is also good. A product with a good click rate will rank better than a product with a significantly worse click rate.

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