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But Google is thinking

In fact, that’s how it would happen, because if you search incorrectly you switch very quickly – but you stay loyal to a search engine for a long time as long as everything works well. So Google never wants to take a risk. Google wants to save money A lot is always theoretically possible, and a lot is already possible in practice. However, at Google there is still the challenge of offering a new technology in a scalable way around the world. Every search is calculated live on Google and every search costs a server’s computing capacity.

I’m sure that Google

Computing capacity costs money. must keep Estonia WhatsApp Number List these costs as low as possible.   engineers could already incorporate significantly more AI into search – but making the whole thing scalable and affordable for Google is the big challenge. A lot of things are theoretically possible, but if you look at how difficult Google is still having with JavaScript, then you realize where the real problems actually lie. Not in feasibility, but in resources and scaling of the new technologies. Apparently they have now found a way to use a technology like.

I assume that the course

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MUM efficiently. very carefully about where and how they’re Canada WhatsApp Number List actually going to do this. On the one hand, because it is better to leave the “classic search” in place before you get the wrong answer. And on the other hand, because every complex search simply costs more money. More of a reform than a revolution There probably won’t be a revolution. But has been reset with MUM. We know what is possible – and will now gradually roll out the system where it is affordable and performant. This will improve over the years and MUM will become more and more prominent.

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