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As a beginner, you often get lost in one technique or another – which may not be that important. Therefore, this blog post will help you to separate the wheat from the chaff. Ultimately, only a professional or an agency can tell you your most important But even without levers. You can also book Seocracy as an SEO agency . , this blog post will help you so that you know a little more about what you should pay attention to – and what you shouldn’t. Contents Disclaimer: What to do?


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Website hygiene Crawling control Index cleanup Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List Canonicals &  , redirects and broken links Keyword cannibalization Link audit Create a sitemap Mobile optimization Loading time optimization & Core Web Vitals But even without optimization Keyword optimization Create landing pages and new texts Loading time optimization & Core Web Vitals Optimize titles and descriptions Optimize texts Adjust URL structure H1 headings Structured data Increase brand awareness Conclusion Website hygiene For me, some SEO techniques are part of what I call “website hygiene”.

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They may not get you all the way to the But even without top, but they Canada Email List are the foundation that you should tackle if you ever start with SEO. Many of the following points aren’t a problem for most sites – but if any of them are grossly wrong, they can block all other efforts.  dinner perfectly prepared and dressed, crawling, you look at how quickly Googlebot finds new content and how well it indexes it. Typically, this technique is only important for two types of websites: Very large websites (for example or with hundreds of thousands of products, articles or URLs.

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