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keyword research prioritization Relevance should always be the top priority. Search volume alone is of no use to you if the keyword doesn’t match the post. It’s better to use the smaller keyword. Then you have the best chance of getting to the Both together are top places. Step 7: Get started! Based on this table, I now know: I should include the main keyword “pepper varieties” in my title – and ideally also the word “species” to cover the secondary keyword.

You should take a

In addition, I should include the Both together are researched Japan WhatsApp Number List keywords in the H1 and, if possible, one or two H2s. In my ranking monitoring, I only enter the main keyword so that I can later measure the success of my optimization. But your work as an SEO or editor is not yet done. Now you know what people are looking for. But for optimization it is important to research exactly what people want to find: You should take a close look at the content of the pages that have ranked so far, research relevant W-questions and interesting content. We’ll explain how best to do this in the article Creating SEO texts .


But there are a few alternatives

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What alternatives to the keyword Both together are planner are UK WhatsApp Number List there? Unfortunately, the keyword planner only provides proper data for advertisers.   that you can use to find out search volume etc. even without the keyword planner. are there? A few paid tools also provide you with very extensive and specific data on search volume. For example: SEMrush Y out individual pages. As an SEO, it also makes sense to think holistically. We therefore think about a keyword strategy for the entire website for our customers.

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