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Bid Modifier to adjust

Recommendation: Working with static bids makes evaluation easier. This means you only spend as much as you specify. Note: With your standard bid you also determine the maximum number of clicks you can get per day. If your click price bid is €0.25 and your daily budget is €20, you will get a maximum of 80 clicks per day.


Use the bid modifier less

You can also set different bids for different match types: seocracy-amazon-various-bidding-strategies-match-types Here you have the option to work with different bids for the respective match types. You also have the option to use the Amazon your bids Singapore Phone Number List based on the placement of your ad: You can increase your bid by up to 900%. Recommendation:  t the beginning to find out for yourself which bids work and which don’t. This way you don’t spend a lot of money unnecessarily. seocracy-amazon-campaigns-increase-bids-for-better-rankings You have the option to increase your bids for certain positions. Negative keywords.

Here you can also choose

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You have the option to add negative keywords Bid Modifier to and ASINs to the campaigns. These will then not be used in the automatic campaigns.  the match type: seocracy-amazon-campaigns-add-negative-keywords You can add negative keywords to your campaigns in Italy WhatsApp Number List this field. Sponsored Products – manual campaign seocracy-amazon-campaigns-manual-targeting How to create a campaign with manual targeting. As with the automatic campaign, you first select Sponsored Products and then manual targeting.

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