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Because then you know

Because then you 35-40 hours is normal, more or less is very difficult. An in-house SEO must be hired. Recruiting for a good SEO is incredibly Because then you difficult. Flexible working hours, flexitime, home office and much more are standard in the online marketing world. If you are an industrial company that is still quite reserved in this regard, then it is difficult or impossible to find a good in-house SEO. Why should he come to you and not to a team where he has several other .

And then filling this position

SEOs, good advancement and career opportunities Because then you and better working conditions? If you only have one SEO, then you have a huge problem if they Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List quit.   is quite difficult and can take a long time. This is a big advantage of agencies: They offer you greater consistency and stability. When should you get an agency and when should you get an in-house SEO?  Because then an SEO employee with several thousand euros per month is out of the question.

I advise you to first have

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Agency + in-house SEO If you can Because then you estimate that you Vietnam Phone Number List have a large need for SEO, then you should hire several people for SEO. Many companies that get off to a really good start start with an agency and at the same time look for in-house SEOs. So SEO can start now and not just in a few months. As soon as you have employees, you gradually reduce the agency’s hours.

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