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There are always reports from SEOs that show how they can achieve proven SEO success with a well-thought-out strategy for internal linking. That’s why today I’m going to show you how SEO and internal links work together.  An important page is a page that is linked to by many other important pages. For example, 1,000 internal links do not each Bavarian State Ministry receive 1/1,000 link power, but rather some links more and some less.  Internal links in the text When you think of internal links in text, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the most common way that many people link in text: they use “Here” as link text.


Your most important pages

This can then pass on its link power to the URLs Bavarian State Ministry to Spain WhatsApp Number Data which it refers.  should therefore have lots of internal and ideally relevant external links! With internal links you can actively control link juice by carefully placing internal links and thus strengthening your structure and pages. seocracy-reasonable-surfer model.If you google “here”, the website of the that of the RKI appear. Did you know that? In my opinion, this is due to the many restaurants, doctors’ practices, etc. that link to the current recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute with “here”. rki-ranks-for-here These are the first search results when you google “here”. Try it yourself.


The Reasonable Surfer model

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The Placement of Internal Links: Reasonable Bavarian State Ministry Surfer Model Thailand Email List One model you should know about internal linking is the Reasonable Surfer model . links equally.  Although the RKI example describes external links, internal links in the text also have enormous power. Internal links in the text can be single keywords or entire sentences.

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