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Authority of the linking

That was already the case in 2014. The importance of the title feels like it has increased rather than decreased. This is also supported by the fact that Authority of the Google now rewrites titles on its own if the search engine thinks that another version could be better. Keyword included in the document → Of course, the keyword should be included in the document. In my opinion, this factor has remained the same (high). To be honest: Completely cryptic URLs are very rare and usually contain the keyword. The internal link ↘ Internal links are very important for ranking a URL.


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However, it feels like their importance has Authority of the decreased Belgium WhatsApp Number List since my first version in 2014. Top URLs can be quite poorly linked internally these days.  (e.g. traffic in the Google SERPs) are good, then the ranking remains constant. In 2022, internal linking today has more to do with crawling and less with ranking. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve better rankings through better linking. Keyword included in internal links → “  keyword links from external domains. However, this does not apply internally! In this respect, it is important to use the keyword internally when linking to your document.” was written here in 2014.


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This is still very important today. Internal Authority of the link texts Malaysia Phone Number List are essential for a good ranking and also have positive effects. external domains (trust) → A link from a good domain is still just as important for a specific URL today. Actually the arrow should go slightly downwards. Backlinks have not become less important, but other factors are more important today – which is why the relative importance feels like it has decreased.

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