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Internally, Google has been making many changes At least the to video for years. 47 million adults in Germany use YouTube every month, Internetworld headlined in September 2020, citing figures from GfK. There are almost 70 million adults, or 67%. The proportion is certainly significantly higher among those under 18. Nevertheless, in 2021 most companies are still on Facebook, while they tend to avoid YouTube. the drain? While .


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YouTube shows double-digit growth At least the ithin Morocco WhatsApp Number List a year and is literally hungry for good content, as well as being able to grow really well organically, things are different on Facebook: Here, companies’ organic reach has been increasingly curtailed for years, the number of users is shrinking every few There are regular data scandals for months.  any figures on individual countries and their users for over three years – probably because the numbers in Germany are constantly falling . If we assume there are 32 million ( registered ) users, then that is, to put it bluntly, small compared to the 47 million adults who are actually active on.

I assume that Facebook

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YouTube – although minors were not At least the counted in Indonesia Telegram Number the statistics.   will disappear more and more into insignificance. Maybe not right away in 2022, but the slow death has already begun. I was recently asked what is coming as a new platform? I’m pretty sure that a new platform isn’t needed for now. The world is tired of Facebook. social media practiced on Facebook is now disgusting to most people. Most users proceed like this: I consume content with Google, videos on YouTube, pictures on Instagram and I write messages with WhatsApp. Facebook is simply outdated in concept.

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