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As a corporation YouTube videos and display related videos to a section of a video – without this section being mentioned in the video as a whole. For example, in a real estate video someone briefly talks about gummy bears – for whatever reason. The interested gummy bear fan would then be shown relevant videos on the topic of gummy bears at this point. MUM recognizes the meaning of things So MUM not only recognizes a noun called “gummy bears”, but it also knows what that is – at least it can classify this term. As far as I know, this can be done without a so-called ontology.


This is what we currently

An ontology is – to put it simply – a dictionary of meaning.   always do with structured data as SEOs. “Julian Dziki = Author” – this turns the El Salvador WhatsApp Number List two  into information, namely that I am an “author”.   The question that remains open for me is whether MUM uses a special ontology or whether MUM no longer needs one because it can create its own world of meaning using AI.


I think so too and the model

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If the latter is true, then structured As a corporation data will soon be Cambodia WhatsApp Number List unnecessary. Will Google MUM revolutionize search? Does this all sound too futuristic to be true?  is certainly still very error-prone.  Google doesn’t want errors Google emphasizes – as in this blog post – that it uses new technology responsibly.  The worst thing that can happen to.

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