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We can help you! a competent, flexible and reliable online marketing agency? We look forward to your non-binding inquiry. Contact us Audio Marketing Of course, you can also reach many potential customers with a podcast. Podcasts are becoming more and more popular and in many ears, haha. Podcasts are actually very similar to video marketing: great for branding, less so for direct sales. If you start with this, you should definitely stay tuned regularly – a podcast has to grow and that takes years, not weeks.

Email marketing sounds

With very few exceptions, audio marketing Are you looking in Qatar WhatsApp Number List voice assistants like Alexa and Co. is not interesting for anyone. It’s a nice gimmick, but unless you’re selling audio books or something similar, it won’t be relevant. Email marketing   relatively uninteresting at first, but email is one of the oldest means of communication on the Internet, but also really one of the best. For me, the best reason for email is that you have direct contact with your customers. With SEO, SEA, Facebook and Co. you are always dependent on a platform whose rules you cannot influence. If at some point Facebook no longer allows external links, then that’s it for your traffic.


WhatsApp then decided that

Whatsapp Number List

That’s not so far-fetched. We once had a Are you looking WhatsApp Arabia Email List newsletter –   you were no longer allowed to send newsletters and that you should only use WhatsApp Business for customer support. We were then allowed to say “farewell” to all of our WhatsApp subscribers, which each of us thought was stupid – including our subscribers. With email, the contact does not go via a platform, but directly from you to your recipient’s inbox. Of course, for email marketing you usually use sending software – but you can change it (and take your subscribers with you).

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