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Google Analytics 4 What are the main differences Anonymization In contrast between Universal Analytics and GA4? UA, GA4 anonymizes the users’ IP addresses by default – i.e. absolutely data protection compliant Designed for maximum scalability: If you have a website with an associated app, for example, GA4 is now able to provide detailed analysis At UA, the focus was on the sessions, at GA4 the focus was on users and their actions such as clicks and scrolling Easier tracking of events & conversions through integrated standard events Machine learning.


Google Cookieless tracking

Google Analytics 4 data stream tagging instructions All Anonymization In contrast information about your data stream There are two ways to start data collection: Integrate general South Africa WhatsApp Number Data website tag This is the easiest option for many users and perhaps for you too. You simply have to place the code under “General website tag (gtag.js) in the <head> section of your website and the tracking will start. Google Analytics 4 via general website tag Integration of the data stream via gtag.js Google Tag Manager In my opinion, the nicer (and above all clearer) option is to complete the setup with Google Tag Manager. It is also advantageous for future development work on the website to work with Google Tag Manager, as it makes the integration of events much easier.

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Google Analytics 4 GDPR notice  your Anonymization In contrast users’ data protection Taiwan Email List when integrating Google Analytics 4.  Where can I find the measurement ID of my data stream?   Select trigger Tag Manager Create a trigger to deliver the newly created tag To save the changes to your website, click “Send”.  Please always ensure that the integration is GDPR-compliant.

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