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Analytics and collect data

Why? Because many search terms with small search volumes and long-tail keywords are not included in the database that serves as the tools’ calculation Analytics and collect basis. If in doubt, however, these keywords are the most important for you. Another point: The overall visibility of a B2B domain is usually very low – even minor changes can trigger large fluctuations, which further reduces the informative value. It’s always good to take a look at visibility regularly, but it’s usually not useful as a KPI. Organic traffic and its development alone do not give you any information about success.

There are also KPIs


Why? Because page visits via search Analytics and collect engines Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number Data alone say nothing about how valuable they are. If you rank number 1 with irrelevant keywords and rake in tons of traffic but don’t achieve any conversions, SEO traffic will do you no good for your business goals.   in content marketing that are no good. My colleague Josefine explains what they are all about in her blog post Vanity Metrics: Useless Content KPIs? #7: optimizing UX A very good user experience is important for SEO in B2B. Most SEOs think “mobile first”. And that’s right, because .

What this doesn’t mean

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Google has changed crawling for all Analytics and collect domains since Singapore Email List spring 2021 and only crawls the mobile version of a landing page (mobile first indexing).  is that the user experience for desktop doesn’t matter. Especially in B2B, many users conduct research with laptops from the office or home office – they should be able to find their way around your website easily. 2 examples where desktop UX was neglected: A landing page has a huge header image that looks great on mobile. Unfortunately, it covers the entire above-the-fold area in the desktop view and the user has to scroll to the content.

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