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To permanently delete pages from the Google index,   that your you must either exclude them from crawling or set them to “Noindex” – all other measures are either not permanent or not mandatory for Google. If you want to temporarily remove a URL from the index, you can submit a request in Google Search Console.  Indirect influence on your ranking: Increasing sales figures help you achieve a better ranking.   registers your sales and your best seller ranking. If these increase,  sees your product as more relevant. This also increases the ranking of your products. More relevant information: When it comes to bullet points, you are limited due to the limited number of characters. With the A+ content you have the opportunity to offer your customers further relevant information, for example describing additional functions.

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With this function you do not prevent Amazon that your crawling , but simply ensure that this page does not appear in the search results for around 6 months. Personally, I Hong Kong Phone Number List have never used this function, but it can be useful in certain cases. Among other things, if you need to quickly remove a result from the SERPS for legal reasons.According to Amazon, A+ content has no impact on your ranking.  Better representation of the brand: You can present your brand in more detail with Amazon EBC. Here you have the opportunity to tell your brand story.

Amazon Creating additional content

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Increasing sales figures suggest to is popular Amazon that your with customers, which can lead to an improved ranking. Requirements for creating A+ content A+ content can be used by all retailers and vendors on Amazon who have registered their brand on Amazon.  d guide China WhatsApp Number List on the exact process of how you can register your brand . Benefits of A+ content on  can be time-consuming. With Amazon’s tool, creation is very easy and intuitive. The Amazon EBC has important advantages that help you with your Amazon performance: Improving the conversion rate: Additional relevant content helps your customers make purchasing decisions and increases your conversion rate.

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