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On a large screen, a small burger somewhere in the corner of the page is often overlooked. If in doubt, the user must search. And the words “search” and “UX” are natural enemies! In short: Mobile First in all respects – and for the UX is Desktop All data collected Second! Reminder at the end: 7 basic B2B SEO tips can of course only be a starting point for you, a helpful impulse. There are also many other SEO aspects that you should also keep an eye on. For example, fast loading times and a clean technical basis are just as important in B2B SEO as in B2C. Conclusion Your .

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SEO arrows in the quiver for B2B are the All data collected same Singapore WhatsApp Number Data as for B2C: target group knowledge, the right keywords, well-optimized landing pages that meet the search intent of your target group. The difference: The B2B target is often a little further away and you have to focus your strategy more clearly in order to hit it. The more differentiated you are when developing your strategy, the more successful you will be. By the way, the 7 ostriches from the intro see it the same way.


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Why switch to Google Analytics All data collected 4 (GA4)?  The faster you Switzerland Email List switch to GA4, the more data you can collect and evaluate in parallel. It’s best to switch immediately and let Universal Analytics continue to run in parallel – this gives you: enough time to familiarize yourself with GA4 and the possibility of collecting relevant data and comparing it with   the new system is not possible You can think whatever you want about the new system: switching to GA4 is unavoidable and also brings with it some advantages.

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