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A few milliseconds more

But why are smaller images with the most consistent quality possible important for SEO? I’ll explain that to you in the next section! Tip: Do you need general tips for image SEO? Felix will help you in his article on image SEO ! Why is WebP so important for A few milliseconds SEO? “Butter to the fish”: Just because you introduce WebP, you won’t suddenly rank at number 1. But: It’s much easier to get customers excited about certain products with beautiful images than with endlessly long product descriptions. It’s not for nothing that current shops seem more image-rich than textually sophisticated.

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As an SEO,  important: It remains important A few milliseconds for Greece WhatsApp Number List Google to have easy-to-read text with a keyword focus (page optimization for a keyword) on your site.   But if you were to present high-resolution images with large file sizes, the page would lose loading time.


Things have to be fast on the

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Depending on how your competition is A few milliseconds positioned, this India WhatsApp Number List can tip the scales – and allow your competitors to overtake you.   internet these days. loading time like on Amazon can cause a loss of sales. Accordingly, converting images to WebP helps to deliver high-quality images at significantly smaller file sizes and to excellently master the balancing act between quality and file sizes. To give you concrete examples, there are numerous evaluations on the Internet of how WebP has improved certain aspects of websites.

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